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Watercolor Illustrations -PlayGround Book Review

This week my daughter and I found a new book at our weekly Library visit that I have never seen before-Crazy right!? I was surprised too! I feel like I know most children book authors quite well. The book below

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Spin Art

After Gymnastics today I had my daughter demonstrate one of her favorite things to do in our studio-SPIN ART. She’s only two years old, but all ages really love it!   I never thought of sharing this, but it was

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Stuffed Animal on a Stick

    During this Friday Project with my Daughter we created a Stuffed Kitty on a Stick, that you can ride-old school toy 🙂 Inspired from the playful children book, Matildas Cat,  byEmily Gravett. You will need; Sock, Dowel,Ttacky Glue

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A Toddler and Her Obsession with Shoes can be an Art Inspiration

So as most toddlers you will find that they are obsessed with putting on adult shoes.  And if your child is like my daughter is in love with rainboots and wearing seasonally the wrong shoes-sandals in winter and boots in

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New Step for Little Tree Studios

As many of you know my family and I have moved out of San Francisco a year ago and are now relocating the art studio as well from its 6 year location in the Mission into the Marin area. The  new space

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The Strongest Power We Have is Our IMAGINATION

We all have an imagination, it’s whether we choose to use it or not.  Many of us adults seem to “grow out of it” and the fact is that we just do not give our self the opportunity to create

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