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Air Plant Octopus

Little Artists made two Octopus Air Plants in this Sculpture Studio.  Teachers showed the kids molding techniques as they made these cute ocean creatures with air dry clay.  Paxton Gate Air plants were place inside the octopi after they were  painted and glossed.

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Clay Animals

  In this Mixed Media studio, Little Artists created a clay animal on a wood canvas environment. We talked with the Little Artists about how to mix color, build texture with their paint and make an 3-D animal out of clay.  

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LED Clay Pumpkins

                      See You at the Next Studio!

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Little Artists in this studio created a rainbow chameleon with plaster and wire. Artists learned how to bend 20-guage wire into a shape of a chameleon, bowed legs, claws, curly tail etc. Chameleons were wrapped in plaster and then painted with a rainbow

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LED Pumpkins

Little Artists in this studio created an air-dry clay Jack-o-Lantern.  Using the pinch-pot method, the pumpkins were created with stem lids that can be lifted to turn on their LED flameless candle inside. Artists carved texture and a face onto their

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Embossed Metal Mask

Little Artists made a 26 gauge aluminum mask with embossing tools. The artists used symmetrical designs, exaggerated stylized features, elongated noses, use of geometric shapes and repeated pattern. Looking at examples of African masks artists pulled details such as coiled wire, yarn, raffia, and clay

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