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Adult Printing Party

This was a great example of totes, towels and aprons printed by first time printers.  Each guest carved their own stamps!           See You at the Next Studio!

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Dream Catchers, Wool Eggs, Stenciled Back Packs and Clay Slabs

    Painted feathers, ribbons, beads and pompoms Wool Eggs in Woven Yarn Nests…           Stenciled Back Packs      Clay Slab Animals…

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Printed Pillow Camp

Artists in this four day art camp learned  how to carve a rubber stamp that was then used to create a repetitive print across a white 20 x 20 throw pillow. Artists designed the stamp however they wanted.   The image was then rolled

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Symmetrical Tile Prints

Little Artists designed and carved a rubber stamp to use to make a print similar to geometrical patterns that you would find on fabrics, flooring and dishes. We showed the students how to carve their stamps and plan out the design.

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Block Print Koi Kites

Little Artists drew a ‘scale’ shape that was transferred onto a rubber square and carved out.  The scale was printed onto the koi kites.  The printed scale was then layered in further detail colors to accent the scale.  Tails were added from

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Perspective Bird Prints

Little Artists in this Drawing and Painting Studio learned how to carve and print. Designing 6 individual bird prints on a grid. Starting with the printed colored body -a dot on quality paper and then layering their hand drawn bird

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