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Real Animals VS Stuffed Animals

In this drawing studio, Little Artists jumped into sketching from real life using a real stuffed animal from home, and then drawing the same animal but in realistic form, from a photo. Artists planned ahead on how to incorporate their two images

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Animal Layered Print

  Little Artists in this studio learned how to create a complimentary color animal print using 3 inks layered on quality print paper.      First Layer Second Layer    It started to get dark outside so our light in the

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Unique Perspective

In this drawing and painting studio, Little Artists learned about foreground, middle ground and background and how to draw foreshortened angles. To begin, artists met at the Mission playground on Valencia & 19th street on the first day of class to

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Chuck Close Animals

Little Artists during in this studio  learned about Chuck Close, an artist who creates large-scale gridded portraits of people by applying one careful stroke after another in multiple colors. This year Little Artists drew an animal of choice for their Chuck

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Woodland Animals

Little Artists in this studio were shown how  to create an owl or a fox cut piece by piece out of a vintage plant book to make a collage.  Cutting shapes from patterns and  and then painting with an acrylic paint wash

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Crazy Eye Animals

Little Artists in this studio learned ‘how to’ draw and paint a Crazy Eye animal of choice.  Working step by step, and then transferring it onto thick painted paper they painting them with bright acrylic paint.          

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