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Tissue Paper Portraits

In this Painting and Drawing Studio, Little Artists created a Tissue Paper portrait of themselves using glue and tissue in Pop Art Colors.          Sibella has morning drink with Blue Boy. See you at the Next Studio!  

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Painting Mediums-Potriats

In this painting studio, Little Artists got a better sense of the most frequently used mediums for manipulating acrylic paint. Painting mediums, can modify acrylic paint properties like thickness, gloss & shine, transparency and texture. Artists created a realistic  portrait of themselves

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Clay Mini City

In this Studio each Little Artist made a Mini city. Every house, building, tree, car or bridge was made of clay and painted with acrylic paint and mounted onto a wood plank.            Final Cities…   

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Sculpture and Mixed Media: 5 to 8 yrs Fall/Winter 2015

This past semester our younger artists, ages 5-8yrs, explored Animal Foil Art, Clay Relief, Soda Can Art, Clay Coil Bowls and Batik. Tin art; In this mixed media studio, Little Artists created a simple animal drawing of choice that was enhanced

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Patchwork Stuffies and Stories

Little Artists designed and sewn their very own rag-a-muffin stuffed animal; choosing all their fabric from a variety of colorful patterns, soft fleece, cotton and faux fur. Cute buttons and an array of embroidery floss for the small accented details.

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Newspaper Animal on Canvas

In this mixed media studio, Little Artists made painted newspaper collages.  Each artist pre-drew their animal image or portrait.  Then each piece of their image was cut out to use as a pattern. Their  canvas was lightly painted.    All

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