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Wild About Animals Layered Painting

In this drawing and painting studio Little Artists created a layered painting using plastic and ink similar to the  illustrations found in the book, Wild About Shapes.  When a paper layer and plastic layer join the colors mix outlining a

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Painting Mediums-Potriats

In this painting studio, Little Artists got a better sense of the most frequently used mediums for manipulating acrylic paint. Painting mediums, can modify acrylic paint properties like thickness, gloss & shine, transparency and texture. Artists created a realistic  portrait of themselves

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Donut Camp

Little Artists DROOLED while learning how to draw a donut in this still life class!  We taught artists how to look at a still life of delicious donuts and draw the perspective and fine detail of the donut that they saw

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Watercolor Frank Stella & Kites

In this Drawing and Painting Studio, Little Artists learned about the famous artist, Frank Stella, who has a current exhibit at the De Young Museum of his larger than life metal sculptures and his more known minimalistic and colorful arching paintings.

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Animal Eyes

In this drawing studio, Little Artists learned how to sketch an animal’s eyes using different mediums on wood panels. Using a animal photo for reference artists painted one panel with acrylic paint, the second panel with black ink, and the third

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Perspective Balloons and UFO

Little Artists in this studio learned about perspective drawing.  Artists choose their subject; Hot Air Balloons or Space UFO to draw on a horizon line.  Artists learned about size, overlap, and how to use color to show depth, space & perspective.  

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